Recycling Activities

Matisse Inspired Name Panels

For tweens and teens this is a great way to use up whatever you have building up in your paper recycling bin. You can make this an activity and an art lesson as they find inspiration in Matisse’s fantastic collages.

Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

This idea is a great way to reuse toilet paper rolls and connect with the wildlife in our own backyards! Save up toilet rolls. Completely cover them in peanut butter, roll in bird seed and hang them outside. In no time kids will see all the birds flocking to these tasty feeders.

Tin Can Creatures

Want to brighten up your garden with some very eco-friendly ladybugs? This is an easy  way to recycle tin cans and give them a new life around your yard!


More activities:

Go on a Recycling Scavenger Hunt

Got competitive kids? Head out to a local park and see how much you can collect from the environment that can be recycled! Up the ante and Make it a race.

Lego Head Mason Jars

Transform glass jars into a clever organization hack with this adorable tutorial. Adults—spray paint a base color, then let children apply Lego man faces with marker. Don’t have a Lego fan at home? Try emoji faces instead. Either way, these decorative jars keep bits and baubles tucked neatly away.

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